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New Bedford, MA

about us

We are a family owned business located in 26985 Dolphin RD Ramrod Key, Florida and have been a wallpapering business since 1984. We have wallpapered for the rich and famous, as well as for charity. There is no job we can not handle. We believe that the best wall covers can create the perfect space for you.
Wall Installations
wall coverings

we professionally install wallcoverings for any surface

At Commercial Wall Coverings we can install wall coverings for your home, motels, inns, restaurants, schools, party boats and many more. Our specialists are more than capable for making the space you need that brings professional appeal.


Wall coverings

We specialize and perfected installing any type of wall covering for you and your space.

Wallpaper Installers

Grass Cloth


Commercial Wall Coverings

Designer Handprints



Handmade Prints

Paper Hangers

Custom Murals



Wall Installations

New Bedford, MA

Wall Installations

At Commercial Wall Coverings we install wall coverings for various surfaces in homes, businesses, boats and more. Call us today for your free estimate.


What is Commercial Wall Coverings​?

At Commercial Wall Coverings, we install wall covers for various surfaces that include homes, businesses, boats, and many more locations. We strive to give you the best professional wall coverings for you. We have been in business since 1984 and our specialists are trained to bring you the best professional appeal for your home.

Why choose Commercial Wall Coverings​?

You will always receive high-quality service with Commercial Wall Coverings and our wall covering services. We don’t cut corners, we know how important your home is to you and do our utmost to bring your home the best service. Our specialists work with precision and care, no matter if they are outside or inside. You want to work with construction contractors you can trust. Commercial Wall Coverings has a great sense of urgency and attention to detail. We work to earn your trust. For any questions about Commercial Wall Coverings and what we do, contact us today! 

How does the installation process work with Commercial Wall Covering? ​

It's simple. We offer free on-site measurements to start the process. Once we have your measurements for the space that you need. Our team will come in and remove any preexisting wallpaper or coverings that may be on your walls. Once we take care of that, we will begin to install your wallcovering with our eco-friendly adhesive. That is pretty much our process, we are quick and efficient with our jobs. For any questions about Commercial Wall Coverings and our wall installation process, call us today.

How do I get Commercial Wall Coverings Services?

Selecting a service has never been easier. all you have to do is contact us with the measurements of the surface you want to be covered and choose your desired wall cover. Once you contact us with that information out team will come and give you the best professional service. For any questions about Commercial Wall Coverings and our service process, contact us today! 

Our Materials Covers

Our Material Covers consists of many designs to fit the theme of your rooms for a professional appeal. Count on us to bring you the best version of your wall coverings, paper hangings, and other wall covering installations. We stick our wall covers with low V.O.C environmentally friendly adhesives. Perfect for making any space a professional appealing and adding value to your home if you intend to sell.

Wallcoverings include:

  • Vinyl

  • Paper

  • Cloth

  • Grass Cloth

  • Paper

  • Fabric

  • Write-able

  • Cork

  • Bamboo

Our wall installations are suited to fit your space perfectly. ​ We believe that a great wall cover will grant you a professional space, with professional appeal. For any questions about our wall coverings contact us today.

Can Commercial Wall Coverings install wallcoverings that I already own or will buy?

Yes. Our trained technicians will handle your wall covering material with care as we professionally install it. You can depend on us for a thorough wall covering installation that leaves your room space looking beautiful.

What spaces can Commercial Wall Coverings install their wall installations?

No job is too big or too small for our business. We can gladly cover any surface, the main surfaces we cover are houses, restaurants, offices, hotels/motels, inns, and even party boats. Commercial Walls Coverings will create the best space that suits the space that you need. Our specialists will make sure that your space will convey the professionalism that it deserves. For any questions about any space that needs our wallcovering installations, call us today.

Will your wall installations be suitable for my bathroom?

Yes. Absolutely. Our wall installations are more than suitable for your bathrooms. Our wall installations are wired with the technology that will not rip and tear from water. We have done many bathroom and kitchen spaces that have no evidence of water affecting the overall quality and design. For any questions about our designs and space concerns, call us today.

Do I need to take out my old wallpaper?

No, you can leave that to us. At Commercial Wall Coverings we believe that a successful wallpaper removal will make the installation even better. This is a task that you can do at home, but having this task professionally done by our team will grant your space with even more appeal. We will gladly extract your old wallpaper for your new wallcovering. For any questions about extracting old wallpaper, call us today.

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